Friday, October 26, 2007

So Proud of Myself...

That I called Ranger Man as soon as I got home tonight (after midnight his time- I knew he was in bed) to let him know how excited I was that I made nice with "a wife." Not so much excited that she was nice to me, because she seemed like she was a decent human being... but I was proud that I wasn't scared off by the fact that she is a wife, and I actually told her about Ranger Man. I don't think that it is actually that wives are mean- it's just that I'm scared of them... they could be mean. There are enough mean ones out there... Plus, he's been home long enough (two months yesterday), that I think I'm finally calming down and coming out of protective introverted deployment mode. So this woman, who I've been literally scared of all semester, her husband (who just got back from deployment about a week ago) sat in on a class tonight, and they gave me a ride home, and it was nice. First of all it was nice to talk to Army people and not Marines. Not that it's a huge difference, but we could talk about installation names and be on the same page- it was nice. Secondly, their situation is similar enough to ours that it was kind of comforting to think that I may not be as crazy as I thought- they're married, but him being home is the first time that they are living together, because they didn't get to see each other much before either. Hmm.
Anyways- I was proud of myself. Just wanted to share.

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