Monday, October 8, 2007

I am not sane.

I was not allowed to watch The Wizard of Oz until I was in High School, and only then because I had to watch if for a class. Why? Because my mother is a very smart woman and she knows that I have bad dreams and that flying monkeys and green witches may not have been the best thing to assault my brain with.
So why, then, knowing that, have I consciously chosen to focus a good deal of my studies on film? Why did I just submit a proposal to a professor to write a research paper on the implications of the portrayal of genocide in motion pictures? There's a reason that I haven't seen any of the movies that I referenced in my proposal... Hotel Rwanda, Schindler's List... maybe I should just give up on sleeping for the rest of the semester. I'm completely crazy...
On the sweeter side, Ranger Man said "just bring them here for Thanksgiving, and we'll watch them together..." too bad I can't wait that long.

looks like my proposal was shot down... well, not so much shot down but I was given the "you can do it, but it'll be difficult, I've seen people try, and no one succeeds..." speech from Professor H. last night. bleh. Now I have to figure out what to write about, looks like I'm not going to be able to get around writing a historical research paper -- eek! I don't know HOW to write a historical research paper!

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