Friday, October 12, 2007

How Horrible.

I realized today that I am not a good Army Girlfriend. Not because I don't support him- because I write a letter to him every night and he's not even deployed... Not because I moved to Hawaii while he was deployed (well, not today anyways)...

Because I am terrified of and horrible at PowerPoint.

If you have any sort of connection at all to the Army, should it just kind of come by osmosis or something that Powerpoint is workable? I made a presentation for school. Five Slides. A grand total of about 32 words, and it took me three hours of cajoling and cursing. well, mild cursing... maybe just exclamations- but still! And then- I still wasn't convinced it was going to work, so I emailed a copy of it to the rest of my group, put it on one of those memory drive thingys (what are they called?) and emailed it to myself. If I had a blank CD, I would put it on one of those too... good grief, that should not be the hardest part of the class!

I feel so inept.

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uniquefullyoriginal said...

lol. I believe those 'memory drive thingys' your talking about is a Flash Drive, also mainly known as a junk drive. Or also known as a thumb drive.

And I'd rather put it on there, other than a blank CD, because CD's cost more, and its annoying to me to rerecord over a CD, when I can just open up my flasg drive folder, right click the file I don't want on there, and click delete.

So much easier.

and faster, along with the fact that some CD's don't work in other computers, players, etc.

So I guess that depends on how good you are with computers, 'eh?

have a good day!