Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For Me?!

I have an amazing boyfriend. That's all there is to it.

He sent ME a care package last week. ME! Contents:

(4) boxes Kraft Mac & Cheese (my comfort food)
(3) microwaveable brownie-dealies (oh. my. gosh. so good and so quick)
(1) each, tooth paste and tooth brush (because he knows that all of the care packages that I send include toothpaste because I'm a fiend about brushing)
(2) refills for my bath and body works scent diffuser, Cherry Blossom scented because there is no bath and body works on the Island and he doesn't want my room to smell like my boy housemates' rooms.
(1) most sweetest letter ever. (yes, I know that is terrible grammar. I don't care. See? Punctuation in parentheses...)

How incredibly wonderful, and it was such great timing- it arrived on Friday and I had just gotten out of a class that made me question my entire graduate school existence as I had spent three hours being completely lost in a discussion about the battle tactics of Alexander the Great that everyone else was seeming to follow. He is so sweet, so very very good to me.

Also- good news- he says now that they are not going to kick him out until after Thanksgiving... Whoo Hoo! Super Secret Army Land, here I come! (No- not really, we probably won't even go on base if any of you censor people are reading this, I promise!)

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