Saturday, October 20, 2007

Facebook etiquette?

I have a myspace account- to keep in touch with my soldiers... although I did not do that willingly, I did it.

For school, there is a program facebook page- so I think I got myself a facebook thingy too. I have no idea how to use it or anything, but I have one.

So I get an email today, from someone wanting to be my 'friend' or whatever it is on facebook... the guy that blew me off the night of my high school freshman homecoming dance (literally- the guy was only there for the first 45 minutes, then he disappeared. I found out the next week that he went bowling)

Is there some sort of etiquette on facebook or myspace or whatever? I mean, it's not that I have any hard feelings toward they guy- there were some exigent circumstances that were subsequently illuminated that I understand. However, still- this was merely the first guy i a long - LONG serious of getting stood up, getting blown off, and my personal favorite when a guy showed up for what I thought was a date with me, and brought his girlfriend. I know that he didn't really have any sort of influence on the number of guys that did subsequent dirtbag type things to me, and actually meant them to be dirtbag things in some instances... but still, in my mind he will always be the first. And so you can imagine that he's actually not one of my most favorite people to think about.

It was just weird.

Not to mention that scrolling through his friends- most of them were my so-called friends in high school... whew, what a trip down memory lane! What a weird day...

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uniquefullyoriginal said...

Ahh, Hi.
I have a myspace account. They are quite easy to figure out.

Along with facebook. Which I ended up getting because of my younger sister, but again, quite easy to figure out, although I'd choose myspace first because more friends have it.

Got to love dances I guess. although I dont...much...They cancelled out homecoming dance last year because enough people didn't buy tickets. They didn't even bother to try to have one this year. And at halftime @ the game we had fireworks which was a first! that was exciting!!

I don't really think there's an etiquette on myspace or facebook. I know theres a few 'friends' or 'online buddies' on there of people whom I don't normally talk to in school, or whatnot..

Well, anwyays.

Talk to ya latas.