Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Countdown - day one

well, I suppose if I'm counting starting at one, that would make it a count UP rather than a count down, right?

Anyways, Book Review Done, Historiography paper started.

Also, finished knitting on the knitalong danica scarf, although I'm still weaving in the ends and debating if I want to block it or not. Hopefully one of these times I am procrastinating from school work I'll get some pictures of it posted!

Had a funny thought today that made me grin... I'm going to be a Ranger Wife... That has such a nicer ring than Ranger Girlfriend... well, once he proposes but honestly, he's been talking about it way way more than I have lately... what a nice guy. I've found some interesting graduate programs in the Columbus, GA area... it's got to be better than the Island, right?

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