Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trying to catch my breath.

Wow. So this whole not having the internet at my house thing really blows. And I don't think that I've ever used that phrase before, but I did choose to use it now to try to emphasize the new levels of suckiness...

It's one thing to be completely isolated on this Island and not know anyone... it's quite another thing to have someone rip out your connection to the rest of the civilized world. It's almost as though the internet was some sort of a security blanket, and even though I was all by myself, I could still be connected to that part of the world that still felt 'normal' to me. I could read the news online- in whatever language I picked. I could read blogs of people who were going through things like me, and even things worse than me (i.e. deployments) and keep things in perspective. I could check my email and send emails whenever I wanted. I could blog when something was bothering me. I could even watch tv on my computer when I needed a break from the History of Genocide or whatever it was that I might need a break from. I can do none of that any more. I am completely isolated.

On the bright side I am getting a ton of knitting done, and getting quite the work out as I have to load my backpack up with books to bring them to the library where I can get wireless access. It's a good thing this happened on the heels of an amazing weekend... and that (please, please Army cooperate) it's less than a month until ten more days of bliss. I'm also not a fan of hyperboles like bliss... but seriously- good night's sleep. Not being afraid of rapists hanging out in my closet (the grown up version of monsters?)... and someone to massage my poor carpal tunnel hands whenever I want- I don't know that it gets too much more blissful than that!

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