Monday, January 19, 2009

The deployment card

I thought about playing the deployment card last week with my prof when I had a paper due and a deploying boyfriend in the same week. I didn't, and I got the paper in on time. I don't think that deployment, no matter how stressful, should be an excuse not to do my school work- shoot, there's one guy in the class who is doing the work while he's deployed!

But today, as I was preparing my final comments for this class, and re-reading the syllabus I had an awful realization. The comments that I had been making for the last five weeks had due dates. Crap. I had been feeling so great about myself for getting everything done, in spite of crappy Christmas without my family, inspite of spending two weeks with the non-inlaws (the parents of my non-spouse), inspite of this deployment... and I find out that 20% of my grade had been late. seriously late. I had thought that the comments had to go on before the end of the week, so I submitted on friday or saturday. No- they were supposed to be done by TUESDAY. ugh. How many times did I read that syllabus and manage to skip over that part?

So- I emailed to prof and apologized. I didn't ask for leniency, but I did feel that I needed to explain why I blew off his due dates (when I have never turned anything in late to him before, and this is my fifth class with him)... I mentioned the deployment, but not in a "give me slack" way, merely in a "wow this has been crazy, I'm so sorry" way. That's not playing the deployment card, right? I mean- that's just being honest about what's going on. No, I did not tell him about the non-inlaws experience... I don't want to be that needy soldier's girlfriend person- but an explanation was needed, right? right?

Anyways, cute cat and FO... Same Webster pose as yesterday, only with a pair of Fetchings out of Silk Garden.


Webster makes a good model, no?


Rebecca said...

It sounds like you did the right thing. And I don't think you were playing the deployment card. It's not like you asked him to give you those points back.

Military Gems said...
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