Saturday, January 31, 2009

To my neighbors:

A letter to my downstairs neighbors:

If I can make out the words of the music you're listening to, it's probably too loud.

I realize that it's only 2:00 in the afternoon, but you started with the loud music and the yelling at 10am, and it's sure to go to 1 in the morning, if last night was any indication. I can't concentrate when my walls and my floor are shaking, and since I work 10 hour work days and I must do all my my best graduate school concentrating on the weekends.

Also, of the three apartments above you, three of them have occupants that went through Ranger School. Do you really want to mess with us?

Please turn your music/football game/video game/all of the above DOWN.


your upstairs neighbor with a headache.

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loquita said...

#1 reason why I refuse to ever live in an apartment again, if I can possibly avoid it. in college i went and knocked on the door of the people downstairs at 9am and recited the lyrics of the last 3 songs they had listened to, told them i needed to still be asleep, and turned around and went back into my apartment. the place before that one I used to have to call the cops, UGH.

here's hoping one of the rangers who are home goes down to tell them to STFU. :-D