Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mr. Coffee saves the day

During the fall semester, a few things happened:

a. I didn't like reading/writing when Ranger Man was home. If he was home I wanted to be spending time with him, and also he was noisy and made complicated reading difficult
b. He would have to get up and leave around 0530 every day for PT, while I didn't have to leave for work until 0940. So I tried to get the majority of at least my reading done during those morning hours when he wasn't here. Which of course takes willpower to get up early when you don't really have to...

I did a reasonably decent job with this system when he was home. I actually did an even better job when he was gone ( I love rolling over into the warm spot in the bed and going back to sleep). However my sleeping schedule was thrown way off whack over the last two weeks which is kind of like the kiss of the sleeping death for an insomniac- the only reason I ever sleep at all is because my body just gets into some sort of a rhythm and decides to doze so the rhythm is gone now and bedtime is ugly. Consequently, 0530 is at least as ugly!

I'm behind the curve on this (as I've had this coffee maker since we moved in), but I just started using the delayed brew feature- and that is the best motivation for getting out of bed when I don't actually have to! It's wonderful! I knew, that if I didn't get up, my coffee would get cold and wasted while if I did get up, all I'd need was a cup! So Amazing!

(I'm easily impressed sometimes, can you tell?)

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