Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I think I might have a vanity problem. I made this scarf and posted it on Ravelry. And - - - 4 people have clicked the little heart button to "favorite" it. 4 people I have never met before! I kept checking all day today, and the number went up and up! I think the sheer delight that it gave me means that I am just a little vain about the quality of my knitting. Luckily, as this is made of the elusive Wollmeise, I can pass it off that they're actually favoriting the yarn, and not the scarf. But still- what a thrill to look at my projects page and see that someone else has seen my work and liked it enough to add it to their favorites! That is so not good. Not good- I need to go home and make a big ole mistake in something and have to frog it all to make up for it. Karma, you know.

In other news: I got a crock pot this weekend! It's teeny-tiny, but I'm excited to be able to have warm food when I get home from working. My schedule while classes are in session are 4-10 hour days with an hour lunch- which means that I am at work for a really long time and I'm starving and exhausted by the time it's all over. So I'm hoping the crock pot will help. I've actually been eating really well since Ranger Man has been gone- I'm impressed with myself. Nothing gourmet, like when he's here, of course- but still I've cooked everything myself and it's all been relatively healthy. Webster, of course, is on his usual kitty-kibble diet.

I'm off to humble myself somehow. It only seems fair.


Cookie said...

Lovely scarf.

Do I have to hunt you down at Ravelry to get details on it?

I'm sure people like the scarf. If they only liked the yarn, they would favorite it and ignore you. Just sayin'...


Lindsay said...

I do the same thing when someone "follows my blog". It's a problem. Everytime that little number goes up my ego goes "SOMEONE LIKES ME!!!"

I need to get out more....

PS- The scarf is really beautiful and I totally love my crockpot.