Thursday, April 3, 2008

All Above the Belt.

Confession: I have one of the worst cases of herpes my doctors have ever seen. NO- not that kind of herpes! It's all "above the belt" as one of the docs so aptly termed it- but it means that I get cold sores with a vengeance. And after about 2-3 weeks of not having any (which is a very long span for me lately), I've had two since I've been back. I've been back three days. One of them I swear to goodness is Texas sized.

I feel better because this explains why I've been so exhausted the past few days- my immune system is working overtime and essentially I may as well have a cold for as hard as its working to fight these awful viruses.

This is one of the many times I miss health insurance... Most people that get normal cold sores on their lips or fever blisters wherever can just feel their outbreaks coming b the little tingling and apply an OTC ointment and bang! smaller lesion, shorter duration. I of course, having one continuously, am not able to utilize this method. I get to take the herpes medicine they advertise on tv- for that kind of herpes (which was mortifying when I was 15 years old and picking up that prescription at the pharmacy, let me tell you!). Last spring, I even got another prescription to take on top of the regular every day one, which made me sick to my stomach but sure made the lesions smaller and shorter. That prescription was fun because the doc was very careful and emphasized the fact that in no way was I to get pregnant while taking this pill. That if there was even a chance that I was pregnant I would have to talk to him and he would have to put me on some kind of national registry list thingy... (what, would I have a radioactive baby?) But NONE of these medicines are even close to inexpensive. Why are the STD medicines more expensive than the anti-depressants I was taking for my bad dreams? That never made sense to me...

Anyways- none of that matters now because I have nothing to impede the obviously overzealous virus and I feel that I am in serious danger of it taking over my entire face. Really. If there is a headline in the next week about a crazy woman who got ran over by a car walking to work in the morning because she couldn't see due to the insane amount of herpes covering her entire face... that would be me.

Okay, rant over. I need to go back to sleep now, because I am still exhausted...

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