Monday, April 28, 2008

Crunch Time!

This is the last week- my last paper of this semester is due one week from Tuesday, so this is crunch time. I know I'm not nearly as ahead of schedule as I was last semester, but I'm not very panicky. I'm not sure if that is worrying me yet...

It's starting to get warm here. Well, warmer than it has been. I suppose it never really got cold here, even though it felt a bit chilly at times. I am still waiting to find out how much longer I have to stay here. I'm even trying to be patient about it! I was telling Ranger Man the other night- I have to know how much longer I'm going to be here so I know how much yarn I'm going to need! He thought that sounded silly, but really, I'm not going to have much to do, I'm going to be knitting, but if I'm leaving in a few weeks, I don't want to order yarn and then have to pay for shipping both here and back again... That would be silly, and I'm trying to be practical.

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