Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Drawstring Chemise

Okay, so a bit of progress on the knitting front. Quite frankly, the knitting has been kicked into overdrive with the absurd amounts of uncertainty that is happening around here, so...

I'm working on the Drawstring Chemise from IK, in Knitpicks Cotlin in the Glacier colorway.

It's much further than this now- I've got the entire back done and I cast on last night for the front. Here's a close up of the lace pattern:
100_0238 not bad, right? the pictures aren't stellar but, you get the idea.

As far as everything else goes, I still don't know where I'm going to live, I still don't know anything about anything else, really... so I am just knitting to pretend like I have some sort of control over something. Poor Ranger Man's TDY school thing that he's doing sounds insane, so I don't get to talk to him much (and him being so busy is part of the reason why I don't know what is going on!)

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a power of attorney when not able to access a JAG office, I am definitely open to suggestions...

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Bette said...

Does Ranger Man have access to JAG? If so, he could get the POA made and send it to you as a .pdf. That's what my sweetie did when he was in Baghdad.