Friday, June 20, 2008

Too happy vs. minor inconsistencies?

I always thought, or maybe not always because February kind of rocked my concept of always, but it always seemed logical to me that children who grow up in a nuclear family tend to lean that way when they grow up themselves. Obviously I'm not saying ALL the time and there are of course tons of exceptions, but tonight I was thinking that maybe I was really wrong about that.

I crave a family. I want to get married I want to have kids... I absolutely wouldn't have thought that was going to be my heart's desire growing up, but it truly is- even before February (sidenote, I definitely feel like my life is divided into two camps: before and after February...). But is it possible that this desire sprung from the innate and mostly unconscious knowledge hat there was something slightly off in my family? That perhaps, instead of growing up with a closely knit nuclear family, I grew up with an almost closely knit nuclear family and the inconsistency is what drives my desires now?

Ranger Man, on the other hand has parents that seem to have an absolutely rock-solid marriage, and he his conception of marriage can be most optimistically characterized as ambivalence. Is this simply because the machine was so well oiled that he never noticed its existence and therefore its function? That without the inconsistency I felt, he doesn't conceptualize marriage as a necessity simply because it worked too well and was too happy? Is there such a thing as too happy?

(And no, reconciling these two different worldviews is not fun.)

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