Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Scarf?!

I couldn't make a scarf for Josie without making something for my actual Grandma also.
IMG_0131 IMG_0116
And a hat for my brother (his birthday was last month).
The scarf is the Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles scarf (rav link)- I made it a bit wider than the pattern called for, and as I like my scarves wide I would have liked it even better if it was even wider than this. I used some "Knitting Fever Cashmere Luxury" yarn that I got for about $3 a ball at Tuesday Morning some time back, so this a very, very soft scarf. Super quick too- I think it was about a two day venture. Although- those two days were with Ranger Man's parents, so they were pretty full knitting days.

The pattern for the hat is the Hat Fit for A Boyfriend (non-rav link). It took me a few tries to get this one. Total knitting time for one hat is about two days. It took me about a month because, due to dye-lot issues and a case of missing DPNs, and not making the first one big enough... phew. Apparently he likes it though- who wouldn't it's Malabrigo!!

Oh- and yes, that's a towel hanging over the shower door in the background, and it's a very special towel to me. Is it weird that I have a special towel?

I Finally (yes, capital F) got to talk to Ranger Man yesterday for the first time since he's been gone. He's had pretty regular email contact (once ever day or so), but talking on the phone is completely different, even if there are a bunch of MI guys listening and a 5 second delay. It was nice to hear his voice through the static!


Lindsay said...

Sometimes I read these posts and feel like they are in a foreign language. Malabrigo, ravelry, etc. I may not understand but I can appreciate how pretty the scarf and hat are!

Cookie said...

Lovely knitting!

I'm so glad he was able to call you. Hearing his voice must have been wonderful after so long.

No, it's not weird. It's a towel. ;^)


loquita said...

Yay phone call! :)

Your knitted stuff looks awesome, I also like my scarves very wide. :)