Monday, December 10, 2007


This will be the first Christmas Ranger Man and I have together- as a together. We were 'friends' last Christmas, but I was still convinced (unlike him, thank goodness he's persistent) that 'friends' was all we were ever going to be.

So this Christmas is our first, and by a minor miracle, we will be together (really together) for it. Mr. Scrooge himself even made a point yesterday that we had to have a tree of some sorts ("what else are we going to put presents under?"), which was a little unlike him.

It's also special because my birthday is Christmas Eve, so we'll be together for my birthday too- how cool is it to wake up on your birthday to see your guy?

We don't have any Christmas traditions, simply because we've never had a Christmas. And I doubt, that being on a tropical Island, this one will be anything close to typical. But at least we'll be together. Shoot, I don't even know where I'm going to be living (I haven't heard back from the place from yesterday, I'm thinking that's a bad sign)- I may very well be moving my books onto the beach somewhere... Do you think they have wireless internet at the beach? But at least he'll be there, and I'll be there, and I won't have to go through any of this alone anymore. Or at least, for nine days.

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