Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just. Plain. Mean.

"Well, meet me at the Super-Secret-Army-Land Courthouse on Saturday and we'll just do it- we'll get married."

That's just mean. I dropped a little hint that the 2008 BAH rates had been released, and that's the response I got. (Note: Ranger Man currently does not get BAH... he's a barracks kind of a guy right now). Said Super-Secret-Army-Land Courthouse is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean from where I am right now... that's just mean. and to top it off, according to him, it's not mean, because it would only be mean if he was "completely joking" and so, by extension, he's not completely joking, so if I hopped on a plane this weekend... Mean. He knows very well that I am stuck on this Island because I can't afford to leave it.... Mean, Mean, Mean.

So I told him that, while I'm madly in love with him and all, I just don't like him very much right now because he's being mean. He thought that was rather humorous.

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