Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Last night I dreamed that the house was on fire. The house the Ranger Man and I lived in (which of course doesn't exist, there is no such house), at least I thought it was on fire. When I, in my dream, alerted Ranger Man to the fact that our house was on fire, he took appropriate actions to rectify the situation, which apparently entailed notifying his chain of command. When this was accomplished, and certain members of his chain of command showed up at this mythical house that Ranger Man and I shared, it turns out that I was mistaken, the house was not, in fact, on fire.

It was hard to be bummed out this morning when I woke up and the apartment building was still standing and had not burned to the ground. We had no power, thanks to some heavy winds all night long, but there was no fire, so I gained some perspective. I also told Ranger Man that it might be a good idea to double check me if I ever try to tell him the house is on fire.

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