Thursday, December 13, 2007


I am officially done with everything for this semester. I have to go to class in a couple hours and turn in my ethics paper and actually have class (who does that during finals week?) but other than that, I am done. I just printed that ethics paper, and I am refusing to look at it any more. Everything else is done, I'm not doing anything else for school until Winter term starts on Monday.

Still not sure where I'm going to live... the place I really liked over the weekend fell through- they decided to "go with another renter." Which of course, is code for "we just didn't like you" maybe it's for the best, if they didn't like bookish me just looking at the apartment, when I really did move in and really do nothing but read for class all day they probably really wouldn't have liked that. But I do feel like it's getting down to the wire now. No place to live. yuck.

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