Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boring Life

Ranger Man told me a couple days ago, "You haven't blogged in forever!" Apparently he's checking up on me now. : )

It's not that there's nothing going on- my Arabic class started, my online Art History class started (which I did mention), work's been going strong, but none of that really seems interesting and blog-worthy.

Ranger Man and I are in some sort of an almost-home lull, there's nothing interesting going on between the two of us either. I am so boring. Webster is being a pain in the neck this morning, but usually he's wonderful and having him here has quite the calming effect on me.

I've been working on the same three knitting projects for what feels like eternity, and I didn't even go to knitting group this week because of homework concerns, so I'm not making very quick progress. It's amazing how much school cuts into my knitting time!

I may possibly have something exciting happen today. I don't know yet, but if I have this opportunity, I'll definitely write about it. If I don't get in- well, don't expect much out of me tomorrow either, okay?

Because I am so incredibly boring, here's an old picture, from Webster's first Christmas. He had just gone under the knife (he's neutered now), so he was still pretty out of it for Christmas. We travelled the two hours to my Parent's house (because it was still their house together then), where he met Jack the dog and mostly hung out under the Christmas tree while the effects of the drugs wore off.


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