Monday, September 22, 2008

Sock Club Round One

We all know that I like knitting socks. Now I like knitting lace too, but that's another post.

I heard about the Wollmeise sock club and I thought I would enter, because it seemed like a monumental occasion, and an opportunity to get some great sock yarn. I didn't really think I'd get in, and I didn't on the first lottery round, but somewhere in the subsequent lottery rounds I did get in. There was a little debating about cost, but Ranger Man said that I ought to go ahead and do it, and with that large of a yarn purchase I deferred to his judgment.

The rest of this post shall be pictures. They are close in color, although I really couldn't catch the true vibrance.




1 comment:

Cookie said...

Congrats to getting in!

Now get to knitting. ;^)