Saturday, September 20, 2008

The draw back to never seeing your boyfriend.

Not last spring but the spring before (I think), Ranger Man was involved in creating one of the Army Strong commercials. Involved meaning- he was one of the "Army dudes" they used in the commercial. Does that make him an actor? Anyways, I remember we were talking while they were filming, and I remember him talking about the commercial when it came out. I could have sworn that he told me it was the one where they're all jumping out of the plane- you know, you see them walk out one by one?

Before his last deployment, we were in a movie theater watching the last Spiderman movie and one of the Army Strong commercials came on in the preview- he audibly sucked in his breath "You've got to be kidding me!" and I was totally stoked because my boyfriend was about to be on the big screen! It wasn't his commercial, but it was still pretty cool.

I have been thinking for TWO YEARS that when I see that commercial I am seeing his butt. The one where they're all jumping off the plane. Keep in mind I've seen him in uniform for a grand total of three times, total, the entire time we've been together. But it looks like his backside, it does! I haven't had a tv for the last year, so when I saw the commercial online today, I was so so so excited. Of course Ranger Man wasn't answering his phone, so I tried a couple of times and then left him a super excited message, "Oh my gosh, I just saw your butt!"

He finally listened to the message and his response was, (and I quote) "wtf?" "what commercial." yeah. that's not his, apparently his face is in whatever commercial he's in, which leads me to believe that I haven't actually seen his commercial. I've been checking out someone else's butt for two years. He'd only told me over the phone, we'd never seen it together, because we never see each other! grrr!

He told me that it wasn't him and I literally burst into tears.

It's not that it's that big of a deal, I know, but we're in the less than three week window and I'm just about done with this whole TDY thing. I'm over it, I just want it to be done. I'm trying to deal with (or avoid, I can't decide) whatever drama my mom is trying to drag me into right now, I've got the work stuff I'm dealing with, I'm overwhelmed with school and I am completely at that stage where all I want is a hug. Seeing what I thought was him today, and then finding out that it wasn't actually him... it crushed me. That might be a sign that I need to go back to bed. If we saw each other more often, I would have known that wasn't him and there wouldnt have been such a let down.

I may be hormonal.

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