Friday, September 26, 2008

Question of the Day

How is this possible:

There's a gas station I pass on my way to/from work. It's been out of gas for the past three days. Three days ago the price of gas there would have been $3.99. Today, the cost was $3.89.

How does the price of gas go down amid a shortage?


loquita said...

I think the "shortages" are just the oil company running an invisible monopoly and manipulating the markets. Now that we've paid this much for gas for so long, even if costs go down for them, you know they'll never lower the price down to where it was before.

If only gas could be like everything else, and you could just buy it cheaper online. I Can't wait til someone invents a way to do that.

Lindsay said...

Loqui is a genius. I'm going to start that business and become a bajillionaire, and when I have, I will remember this post.

And I would totally sell you gas at a much cheaper rate.

lauriec said...

Something is definitely going on here. How is it that our gas prices went up .75 when Ike hadn't even hit yet & have only gone down .30 whereas everyone else in the country is still at a normal price? Gas on post has been sold out at least 3x in a week. has replaced ravelry on my most visited website.

KJ said...

You guys are great, I like the online gas idea. And Laurie- I think we may be living in some sort of gas black hole or twilight zone. I'm just glad it's not Atlanta- it sounds worse there!