Sunday, September 7, 2008

Too much of a good thing.

I really hate that darn webcam.

It was cool in the beginning, but it's getting old, and we're both getting into that mid-TDY testy/pissy phase and the combination of being able to see each other for most of the day on the weekends, but not actually able to SEE each other... it's ugly. It's really ugly.

It has its benefits, yes- but those benefits are not universal, nor are they automatic. And I'm not talking about any hanky-panky (hehe, I kind of just wanted to say that...), but just the day to day. It's like we're almost together. Almost, but that last little bit is killer.

It may be time for a webcam hiatus.


Jenna said...

Wow! You knit and your significant other is military! We have a lot in common!

:) Thanks for the comment on my blog. I cannot tell you much I hear but the BAH would be so good for you guys.

I am going to poke around your blog a little.

When we could webcam, I was thrilled because Adam is a man of few word but lots of facial expressions. It helped to be able to see him.

KJ said...

Jenna... I'll answer all your questions in one place, here, okay?
(Let me know if I forget one!)

I'm working on my Master's degree basically in Military History/Political Science/IR.

I loved joining a knitting group! Being in a new place and having somewhere to go is amazing, and having people to 'talk knitting' with is really awesome. I definitely recommend it. (PS- try Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood- they're pretty cool in there).

And I'll go look you up on ravelry!