Saturday, September 20, 2008

Juno Regina

I've been working on the same three knitting projects for what seems like forever. It's been almost a month. For someone who's used to churning out a pair of socks in a week, this seems like forever. The combination of having multiple WIPs (works in process), and starting school has meant that my knitting productivity seems to be diminishing. That's all right though, I have been bitten by the lace bug and I am loving it.


My in process and obviously un blocked Juno Regina. (Please disregard the lifelines, I'm liking lace, but I'm not that good at it yet and the lifelines have lived up to their name a couple times). I'm using KnitPicks Shadow, and my ravelry page reminds me I'm using size 4 needles (options).

I'll have more yarn tomorrow. Right now I'm three hours ahead of Super Secret Army Land time and I'm waiting for half an hour before I can call and wake Ranger Man up. I think it's important for him not to get too used to sleeping in because I can't do it, and he hates it when I get up and let him sleep in the morning and he wakes up and I'm not there.

On the bright side, now that my health insurance (that is exorbitantly expensive, good grief!) has kicked in, and the wonderful pills that help me sleep at night are again on my bedside table. I think I got my first good night's sleep all year last night and I am happily rejoining the land of the living (good bye zombies, it has been nice living in zombie-land with you for the past six months, but it is time for me to move on!). On the other hand, I think whoever invented the speculum was a sadist.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Cookie said...

Your Juno looks lovely, and there is nothing wrong with lifelines. Unless you forget to use them and need one.

I'm glad you're sleeping again. Even if it does mean I'm alone with the zombies.

loquita said...

Just reading the word "speculum" makes me shudder. I'm with you on the likely sadism of its inventor.

I also don't sleep in too often, and tend to wake up long before LT. I actually called to wake him up this morning on my way home from the gym. :)

lauriec said...

I am grateful for my sleeping pills---couldn't get through a deployment w/out them!