Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everything goes better with wine...

How did I manage to find a guy who not only likes to cook gourmet food, but does it well?

I am not a meat fan, usually- therefore meat loaf (being just a big old hunk of molded meat) has never been that appealing to me. But that man can make a mean meat loaf. It was so good- and get this, cooking makes him happy. I get to eat well and he gets to do something he loves. wow. win-win.

We had a really great talk. I think the wine helped keep the nerves down and we were able to talk about (insert scary voice) "the future," without degenerating into tears and frustration. I've spent the morning looking at joint JD/Islamic Studies programs... The future looks bright again.

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loquita said...

I am super jealous of all this future talk going on everywhere. I didn't want to write that in the other KJ's blog since she's having such a crappy time of things right now. But I will write it here since your convo was somewhat happier.

I kind of made a breakthrough myself this weekend -- LT said "OK, I understand" when I was trying to explain to him why I get so fed up and frustrated about the future because he just won't talk about it. *sigh* I will try wine.

My bitching aside, glad you are feeling bright, and eating well. :-D