Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Need to vent.

Ranting I need to get off my chest:

1. No matter how hard/busy/stressful/exhausting your day was, you SHOULD say hello to me when I walk in the door. If you don't, and I find you in the house and say hello, you SHOULD at the very least respond. Before you shovel the next three bites of food into your mouth. I did not move across the country to be ignored.

2. If you gave birth to me, you have no magical rights to be my friend. If you don't act like my friend then I don't have to act like your friend. And yes, you should send me my winter clothes that I asked for without bitching about it or guilt tripping me. If you gave birth to me, I should not be worried about whether me talking to you or not is going to make you hurt yourself. If you gave birth to me- you shouldn't hurt yourself.

3. No one should hurt themselves.

4. I really, really had things that I wanted to talk with someone about my day- good stuff, not bad stuff... but stuff that I was really looking forward to discussing. I've been sitting alone on the couch all night writing a paper as after I was ignored, I was gone to bed without. Sometimes I hate all the Rangers.

5. Just because you have a cute fluffy white kitty tummy does not mean that I am going to scratch it. Mostly because then you'll want to play and get wound up and not be ready to go to bed.

6. Thank goodness for my non-crazy Aunt. She may be the only non-crazy person I'm related to. Maybe that's because she's only related by marriage.

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Lindsay said...

I have some crazy family as well. More like a completely nutso mother, but hey, I've come to terms with it. Of course my version of coming to terms with it is pure avoidance, but hey, we all have our ways, right?

Just don't let yourself get sucked in. I know it's hard when it's your mother, but just keep reminding yourself that this isn't your problem. You can help her when she chooses to help herself. It is a choice.

**BIG HUG!**