Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The first weekend.

He got back just fine (three airplanes in about eight hours, it was impressive), minus his luggage (my four hundred dollar suitcase mind you).

The airline found his stuff/my suitcase Sunday night, but until then he was without a lot of essentials, like his phone charger (who checks their phone charger?!) and toothbrush.

The first night he was here, just before we were about to go to sleep, I told him he could just use my toothbrush until his was found. He looked at me like I had two heads. "I brush my teeth in the morning," he said to me.

uh huh. right. after a garlicky spaghetti dinner? don't think so. I just raised one eyebrow at him, while he stared at me like I was nuts, and then all of a sudden an understanding came upon him and his face changed as his mouth said "Ooohhh. I brush my teeth now."

Yes honey, you brush your teeth now... what a goon. What fun it is to have him around!

Of course he came home on the weekend before I have three papers due, so while I was overjoyd to see him, I was also kind of crazy busy with schoolwork. And crazy stressed out about getting it done. So he let me go into the bedroom and shut the door to read and write while he completely made and cleaned up dinner on Sunday. I could definitely get used to him being here.


loquita said...

I hope LT is motivated to make me some dinner when I'm back in school! :-D

Rebecca said...

One thing I miss most about Shawn is eating dinner together. It's always the little things. And of course I miss HIM doing the cooking. He is an amazing cook.

lauriec said...

It's so funny dealing w/ the little things in life when they first get home, isn't it?