Thursday, October 30, 2008

plugging away

I've been plugging away at the knitting, although work + school + Ranger Man has left me precious little knitting time. I'm okay with that, for now.

But first, a gratuitous Webster photo. That's my chair in the kitchen- I sit while Ranger Man cooks and that way we can still hang out together. Of course, as soon as I want to sit there, Webster decides that he wants to sit there too... so I sit on the chair, Webster sits on my lap and Ranger Man cooks. Fun times!


Here's the blanket I've been knitting for my cousin's wedding (last July)/Christmas.

IMG_0002 IMG_0003

Of the ten hanks of yarn, I think I'm most of the way through the fourth. I really want this to be done by Christmas, so I better get cracking. although, at this point, it may be a lost cause...

And for Ranger Man's uncle who sent us the two large boxes full of things to outfit our kitchen with: socks!

IMG_0006 IMG_0005

Using my foot for a model so they're kind of loose. A lot. Hopefully his foot/leg is bigger than mine. I've started the second sock of these.

I've also done some stash acquisition, but I haven't taken pics of it yet...

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loquita said...

Wow, I love that blanket! It's beautiful. But the prettiest stuff always takes the longest to finish, doesn't it? I have definitely been guilty of taking pictures or showing the unfinished product to the recipient if I haven't finished on time. :-p