Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This and That

Some random thoughts for the record:

I stand corrected: apparently the nice ex-Ranger didn't offer to draw me nude, he just offered to draw me, and all of his other work that he was showing and pointing to as examples just happened to be of naked women. Uh huh.

Webster decided to try to eat my Juno Regina the other day. It's actually surprising that he's never tried to eat my knitting before... but that didn't make it any less gross. Luckily he didn't get to the actual knitting part, and I was about to join a new ball of yarn anyways. But still, I didn't talk to Webster for a large part of Sunday night. We're talking again now.

While getting up before 5:30 am with Ranger Man enables me to get a ton of school work done- I'm still exhausted. He STILL gets more sleep than me- he goes to the barracks and takes a nap after PT some mornings, and all I do is read, write and sometimes throw in a little bit of knitting. Last night, after knitting group, I got home around 8:30 and went straight to bed. I was sleepy enough that I actually almost slept through the night- which meant I wasn't tossing and turning, so Webster slept all through the night too and didn't wake up hours before the alarm and want to play. It was a win-win-win situation. But still, I'm tired!

Also- it's getting chilly here. It's probably not actually that cold, but I've been living in a state of permanent summer for a year, so anything below 70 feels freezing. And it's all of a sudden cold too, there was no nice transition period. A few weeks ago it was all of a sudden not humid any more, and now it's all of a sudden cold. This place is weird.

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