Tuesday, July 22, 2008

18 Days!

We officially shattered our old record of 11 days straight being together by adding a whole 'nother week and being together for 18 days straight before he had to leave for super-secret Army land. Well, I'm including the (2) 24 hour shifts that he had to work because we were still much closer than we've ever been before!

I'm still waiting to hear from him about whether he has somewhere to stay in Super Secret Army Land, because as of this afternoon he did not. In the meantime I am still shocked by the last 18 days which were full of wonderful learning experiences and were really really fun (I'll try to write about them, we did some cool stuff!)

In the meantime, I have to say-- Happiness just might be when you get home from work at night and your man (who is usually stoic and composed) gets positively goofy because he's so delighted to see you.

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