Thursday, July 31, 2008

Please Not the Knives

I'm hoping that this is just because this is our first time that Ranger Man is away while I'm here with his stuff... But I am seriously stressing about his knife collection.

Not the various other things of his that are here that may be electronic of have movable parts... his kitchen knives.

I'm not completely positive, but I think he may have started telling me about (and pining for) these knives on our first date. They were living with his mom while he lived in the barracks, but they're here now and good grief the ecstasy that he experienced when he unpacked them... Let's just say I was jealous a little bit!

But now here I am with them. Alone. I'm not worried about cutting myself on the super-insanely sharp knives... I'm worried that I'll do something to hurt one of them. Logically, I'm not sure what that would be. But I don't want to screw up the edge or anything like that- but at the same time, I've got to use the knives for eating and it would be ridiculous to get my own set of knives for when he's gone just because I'm feeling apprehensive about messing up his toys.

I'm not worried about the cameras and the camera stuff- which he told me to use the other day (and I may, they're much nicer than mine), but just about every time I use one of those knives I get nervous...

It makes me wonder if other spouses/SOs have gone through the same trepidation about being left alone for extended periods of time with their military person's beloved belongings...


lauriec said...

5 yrs ago when DH was in Iraq during the Invasion I accidentally dropped his ceramic knife. The tip broke.

He STILL talks about it.

We have new knives but honestly, I only use 3 of them & have claimed them as "mine"

KJ said...

haha, this sounds EXACTLY like Sgt. Especially the camera thing. He has this camera... that I'm convinced he promised his first born son for. He asked me to change out a lense while we were in the car over his R&R and I almost asked him to pull over and do it... it makes me nervous just holding the thing.