Saturday, July 12, 2008

Still Learning

Lesson from last night:

One crazy insomniac plus One twitchy sleeper (who is not normally twitchy, how do people all of a sudden become twitchy in their sleep?) equals one very frustrating night.

Oh yeah, no car. Still. In the market for a nice used car, if anyone happens to know of any.

I'm off to take a nap. I need one.

Oh, and the good thing from last night? Our first major fight- there is a difference (or there should be a difference) between the way he talks to his people at work and the way he talks to me. Namely- less making fun and more appreciating. Got it. First major argument not over the phone down. Phew. What a great guy.

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Bette said...

Ha! When my sweetheart and I moved in together, he was fresh from a deployment and barking commands at me, being totally tactless, etc. After a few times of me in tears, saying, "I'm not one of your soldiers!" he got really good about leaving work at work. I'm sure Ranger Man will do the same!