Thursday, July 31, 2008

Adjusting to the South

I knew there were going to be bugs. I didn't realize that the praying mantis would be bigger than my head, but I did know there were going to be bugs.

I knew that the accents were going to be fun and also a little hard to understand sometimes.

What I didn't count on being so weird was/is going to work and being called "Ms. Mylastname." My last name, although I love my family and I loved very dearly my grandfather from whence my last name... it's kind of unwieldy. I usually avoid it, it has a silent consonant in the middle that confuses people, it's the same as a rather unsavory public figure from about a decade ago and it's kind of hard for people to pronounce sometimes if they're reading it for the first time (see above about the silent consonant. People really want to pronounce it).

The students don't seem to have a problem pronouncing it- I think they're mostly hearing and repeating rather than reading and pronouncing, but it is weird that when someone asks my name- I give them "Ms. Mylastname," and my hippie self is screaming against the anti-egalitarian nature of saying that. Granted, I will call them by their last names too... but it's still different.

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