Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm the advisor to the student gov't association at work. Not my dream job, but it comes with the territory and I couldn't turn it down.

The students, when I started were a government in name only, and in the past few months have made incredible turn arounds and have started to actually act like a student organization, and I'm proud of them.

Today, they had a vote. On the table was a motion to spend $35 of their $105 budgeted surplus for the month on a community service project, and they chose instead to either buy t-shirts for themselves, or a controller for their wii.

They went through all the right steps, they raised the right objections, but when it came down to it, they chose not to spend the money on helping the greatest number of people, and while I am glad they are on the right track procedurally, I am severely disappointed. They didn't do anything wrong... but I am so disappointed.

It must be deportment time, because my emotions are all topsy-turvy.

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Lindsay said...

Ugh. Kids.

'Deportment time' still makes me giggle.