Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well-Informed Cat.

I believe I may have an extraordinarily well-informed cat. In fact, in matters relating to Foreign Policy, Webster might possibly be more well-read than the soon-to-be First Puppy (shouldn't First Pets be informed?).

Rather than dense IR theory, I've been reading a lot of documents lately. Documents that I've of course read before, but need to read again to place them in a new context- and there are some words that just need to be read aloud. The "I Have a Dream" speech, the Declaration of Independence, NSC-68... you get the picture. So I read to the cat. He no longer looks at me like I'm crazy, which he most certainly did the first few times. There's still some theory- and when it's dense enough that it needs to be read aloud to be understood, I read that to him too. Or if there's something especially profound or enlightening. Poor cat. He'll know what to say if any Foreign Policy questions ever come up in conversation though. He's getting quite bright, that cat...

Sometimes I think it's a good thing Ranger Man isn't around very often- I would probably drive him batty.

Oh- and the sweater? I'm still stuck. I messaged the designers on Ravelry to see if they can help (thanks Cookie!) but I may have to do the sleeves with DPNs because that's the only way that makes sense to me. Urgh. At least that way I wouldn't have to seam anything, right?

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