Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Saga, part II

Yesterday I wrote about the beginning of our saga.

Ranger Man literally got back from his week-long leave visiting a friend in Germany on my last day living in he same city as him. He called me when he landed on the East Coast for his lay-over, and I remember that kind of freaked me out. The message he left me, after one "date," started with...

"hey, it's me"

And after one date, I was not pleased about that level of familiarity. Not at all. But the fact of the matter was that I had just ended one life and he was the only one from that life that wanted to be a part of my continued life. I'm not sure if that makes sense. Let me try to explain a little better.

The ex (Mike, remember?) had kind of cut me off from everything. As he and I broke up, I started to branch out and have my own life again, but it was a cursory excursion into a life of my own, and then I was moving two hours away (story of my life!). Ranger Man was the only one to bridge the transition. He was the only one that wouldn't let me just leave- he wouldn't let me out of his life (story of his life!).

We talked on the phone, and I finally relented- and said okay to letting him come up North to visit me. I had this grand idea that would go back to school (after already getting my AA and my BA) to get another AA in paralegal studies, so I was doing that. Stepping backwards educationally is not a good idea, in case anyone was wondering.

So, Ranger Man and I would hang out on the weekends- usually about every other weekend, and we'd talk on the phone just about every night. I was adamant, still, that I didn't want to get into another Army relationship, that I was tired of being left alone... and he was adamant that he wasn't gone ery often (ha!). At the time it was true- he was non-deployable.

I was dating another guy at the time also- Flyboy was in the Air Force and was also driving two hours (on the off weekends that Ranger Boy didn't come up) to see me. But it wasn't the same.

Eventually, after a couple months of this, he left for Ranger School. And Flyboy- well, that wasn't going much of anywhere.

The weekend before he left for Ranger School, I told him that as much as I enjoyed spending time with him, he still wasn't my boyfriend, and I still wasn't his girlfriend. That I would be there when he got back, but I wasn't going to wait for him. We're talking about being within three months of when I had broken off my engagement- I don't think it was unreasonable. And I meant every word. According to him though, he didn't believe my words, because my "smooches" told a different story... Why don't boys believe the things you tell them?

Stay tuned for part three... It's a doozy, and I'm not quite in a good enough mood to type it all out right now.

Oh yes- no knitting today. I mean, I did knit today, but I didn't take any pictures (did I mention I wasn't in that good of a mood? I've had a bit of startitis lately- starting a ton of new projects. I'll try to take pictures soon, once I stop feeling crabby.)

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