Friday, February 20, 2009


Watch out: Knitting talk ahead.

I'm done with the body of the sweater. Yay!

But I'm stuck on the sleeves- there are two options in the pattern, but the first one (the recommended/'easy' one) doesn't say when to pick up the live stitches. That option calls for knitting the sleeves flat (because it's garter stitch)... but if you pick up the stitches first, it won't be flat it would be round, right? And they explicitly mention seaming in this option, so why not say when to pick up the stitches? hm. anyone have any ideas? Is it just too late at night for me to figure this out?

The rest of the pattern was very easy to follow- why am I not understanding the sleeve part all of a sudden? ugh.


loquita said...

Oh my .... Maybe there's a discussion board on Ravelry that could help you out? I am a total knitting novice, but if you don't understand it, maybe the pattern is either wrong or missing information? Good luck!

Cookie said...

What pattern is it, sweetie? Did you put stitches on a holder while you worked the body?

You an work the sleeves at any time. A lot of people do the sleeves before finishing the body. Then, once the body is done, you're totally done.

If you're still having trouble, email me. xo