Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Heart Day. Complete with Camel.

Before he left, I told Ranger Man to keep his eye out for Camel Yarn (i.e. yarn made from camel hair/fur/coat/whatever camels have). It's supposedly soft, and I know it's expensive. I've never actually seen it in person, although I've seen it on websites etc. I was obviously kind of joking because the idea of a bunch of guys in ACUs with big guns hanging out at a market (ah-sooq) looking at yarns... hehehe. That's cute.

He said he got me something for Valentine's Day. What a guy. He also let it slip that it was yarn. That's not too surprising. Christmas and my birthday weren't too long ago, I have wishlists set up at The Loopy Ewe and Woolgirl, which he knows about... and really? me? yarn? no brainer. He's not completely dim.

So I knew I had a package coming, and that it wasn't coming from the far-off-land where he is. None of my letters have gotten there yet, so I've stopped sending him stuff because I am worried there's some sort of mail black hole where he's been- it's been a long time, and I don't think he's that far out in the middle of nowhere that it would take this long. So I'm not sending anything else until he gets something. So I confirmed that he didn't send me something from there because it may never get here.

I got a notice from UPS on my door yesterday that I had a package in the office waiting for me. Yay! My Valentine's Day package. But weird. None of the places that I usually buy yarn from ship with UPS. huh. So naturally I took my lunch break today to come home and pick up my package. It was from I've never shopped from them before- and I kept trying to think if I'd ever even showed him that website before. Nope, I didn't think so.

It's not that long of a drive from the office to our apartment (even though there are 9 speedbumps. 9.), but it was AWFUL! I wanted to know what was in that box so badly! I kept reaching out to touch the box as though I could feel it through the cardboard. Good grief I'm weird some times.

I got home and opened the box immediately! It was two skeins of Snow Leopard Trust "Handspun Camel" in a green color called wasabi. Of course green- my favorite color, even if I can't wear it (probably because I can't wear it). He knows me well. The best part? Well, besides the fact that he actually got me Camel yarn, and spent all the time finding it on his own (I wonder if any of the other Rangers were looking over his shoulder while he was looking at yarn online)- is that the money from the yarn goes back to the community where the camels came from and the yarn was spun. Sweet and socially conscious. I love it. Maybe this weekend if the severe thunderstorms stop, I'll try to get pictures of it.

It was a very sweet Valentine's Day present.


lauriec said...

Awwww, that was so sweet of him!! So much more thoughtful than just!

loquita said...

That is so cool! I totally agree - so much more thoughtful than an online flower order. I love the socially conscious part as well.

And green is my fav color too. :)

Holly S. said...

Ranger Man is a big softy!

Deborah Knight said...

What a wonderful guy! The yarn he gave to you is from Snow Leopard Trust, an organization that helps save the endangered snow leopards in places like Mongolia. You can tell Webster that you've helped his cousins.

Cookie said...

Isn't he lovely?

I can't wait to see what your camel yarn becomes.