Thursday, February 5, 2009

Overheard at the library...

What I dealt with today at work:

"What the h3LL are you wearing?" (this comment was addressed to me- that was definitely the highlight of my day... not) Actually, I'm wearing a skirt and some uggs. (ughs?) Because it's cold today and my hand-knit socks don't fit inside my regular work shoes that I got to wear in NORMAL Georgia weather that isn't below freezing. thankyouverymuch. Leave me alone about my dressing habits.


"Where's the paper that says how you, you know, get online."

To which my response was (in my best, librarian, wtf are you talking about voice) "What exactly do you want to do online?"

"Oh just, you know, get online, you know" right. get online.

This was similar to when a student called on the phone and asked me how to "log in to the website." of course, our school doesn't have just one (or two) log in/password websites- there's a different combination for registration, email, and learning portals... so "that one website, you know, the school one," wasn't so helpful.

Apparently it's getting to be that time in the term, when due dates come knocking and students completely forget that they can think for themselves. Instead they insist that I must do it for them.

(Actually today was a good day, punctuated by the funny. When it's truly discouraging, I can't bring myself to post about it because it is just too sad. Today was funny though)

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loquita said...

Who makes comments about what other people are wearing unless they know them? WEIRD.

I think a skirt with Uggs sounds totally cute and appropriate for crazy-cold Georgia weather. :)