Sunday, February 3, 2008

Creeped Out!

Okay, as if I needed more topsy-turviness in my life right now...

I think I've mentioned before that I don't really understand the Facebook phenomenon. I have Myspace to keep in touch with my Soldiers from SA, and I have Facebook for school. I really don't know how to use either one, and Facebook is the one that I know the least about.

Today, I got a 'friend request' from a guy whose name I've heard before in regards to the program I'm in at school, but I've never actually met him. But, Facebook is for networking and so I thought sure, why not... Confirmed as a friend. Take a peek at the dude's profile-thingy... nope, I sure don't know who he is and [bonus] it says he's "In a Relationship."

The next thing I know, I've got this in my inbox... (edited to change my name, and remove his but other than that it's a copy)

(no subject)

Hi KJ,

Your in the MADMS prgram at hpu?

Your the best looking girl I remember seeing in the program..

Good luck on all your classes :o)

Okay- first of all... umm?? what?

I think this guy has graduated, or at least I know he's been in the graduate program longer than I have, and he can't get the difference between your and you're? or that there is an 'o' in program?

and... is that a compliment? what does that mean? ick! I'm totally creeped out. On ravelry, my profile picture is a picture of Webster... I hate to do that for a site where the whole point is professional networking but if this is what happens when guys can see that I have blue eyes? ick. ick. ick. Congratulations? I'm glad that being in graduate school is not a bigger accomplishment than having blonde hair and blue eyes... wtf? Seriously, I feel like I stepped back in time about 50 years. Good thing I didn't actually meet this guy, because had he said something like that to my face after the week I've had... well, I am a Ranger Girlfriend and things do rub off. just sayin'. people disappear.

Put another tally mark on the Pros side of the Pros and Cons of dying my hair a different color than Blonde!

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