Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Is it possible to get the flu by some sort of long-distance sympathy germ?

This super secret Army school is not agreeing with Ranger Man- he's had the flu twice now, and Rangers don't get sick, much less the flu (or so I'm told). For him anyways, who his is four year service anniversary last week, this is twice as often as he's had the flu since joining the Army.

The first time was right before I flew out for Thanksgiving, and about as soon as I stepped off the plane I started getting sick (culminating in the most miserable plane ride back to the Island that I have ever experienced).

Last week, he was sick again, and something hit me in between my two classes today (side note: two graduate seminars in the same day may not be the best idea. two in the same day two days a week is certainly a bad idea), to the extent that the guys that are in both of my classes could see a difference in me. I felt like I was a vile shade of green through my second class and the whole way home.

I'm hoping that maybe I've got some hormonal thing combined with the abnormal amounts of stress from last week and next week (preliminary topic for my thesis due) combined with not eating enough, because the pop-tart at the second class's break seemed to help. Ugh.

Besides, otherwise it's just weird that I keep getting sick right after him. We're an ocean apart for crying out loud!

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