Friday, February 8, 2008

Headaches and Jobs and Theses

I am feeling much better now- besides for a lingering headache of doom that won't go away. yuck.

On the brighter side, I had a job interview today (says the girl who has quit four jobs in the last four months...) but I like this one, it's a five minute walk from where I live, and it would be four hours per day of receptionist-type stuff for the community center. I think that I can get behind that. Only going to school two days per week is screwing my body up; I need a real schedule to keep myself on track. plus, there won't be an hour of waiting for the bus each way to get to work (that was a major turn-off). I'll find out on Tuesday whether I got it or not. At this point, I just need something to do. Well, and some money so I can afford to eat again.

Other big news, I turn in my provisional topic synopsis (Read: Proposal) for my Master's Thesis on tuesday... I'm pretty scared. However, during class last tuesday, I had a bit of an epiphany about what I truly wanted to write about, so I started getting less scared. But then today, when I sat down to actually write the synopsis, I realized that my topic is only tangentially related to my degree/program/thingy so I emailed my professor (the department head) and explained my idea and my rationale, so that I don't get too much more excited about this topic if it's going to get yanked from the get-go. So, now I'm waiting impatiently for his response, and trying not to move too quickly for fear that my head might not follow the rest of my body.

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