Saturday, February 2, 2008


All right, I know that I don't have the best camera or lighting ever, but here are my very fist socks! yay!

Due to the dreader boyfriend sweater curse (that as soon as you knit a sweater for your boyfriend he bolts), I'm really not chancing anything, so these socks are on their way to a very dear friend of mine, who goes by the nickname "Danger," and therefore I avoid any potential superstitious nonsense and "Danger" gets some new socks. He doesn't have a girlfriend to knit for him... so he deserves to be taken care of every once in a while. He was my deployment buddy when Ranger Man was deported this last time- "Danger" and I would go for a long walk once a week and then out for drinks afterwards and he would listen to my ramblings about the pitfalls of military relationships.

Anyways, the socks are from a pattern in the book by Judith Durant: Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless you've got the Ring!), which is not the only reason why I'm not tempting the sweater curse, let's just say that there are some things that just shouldn't be messed with and the knitting for your boyfriend deities are one of those things. (Bad grammar I know.)

I do obviously have to get back to knitting the fourth sock, and a I have a ton of reading to do this weekend...

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