Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am totally nonplussed by today. So I'm cheating today and I've got some pictures I'll share.

It's cheating because they're not my pictures. My amazing boyfriend is a photography aficionado and takes great pictures. Accordingly- I picked my favs and I don't know what they're all of.

He totally gave me permission to post them, but he wanted me to give a shout out to his buddy Mike- if you like the underwater-ish pics then check him out, please! (I just did and they're pretty cool!) I don't know the first thing about fish and underwater stuff, so I am sure that I didn't pick the best of Ranger Man's pictures, but I picked some that I thought were pretty.

This (obviously) is an owl- I have no idea where or when, but I like the picture a ton!


Here are the underwater-y ones. Ranger Man wants me to learn how to dive too- and I'm going to do it for him but... (can you sense the trepidation? I don't like water!)

IMG_0044 IMG_0029

Crusty the Crab!


These last two I know- they're from almost exactly a year ago when Ranger Man came back from his deployment (before he left for Super Secret Army Land the first time) and visited me on the Island over Labor Day.


That's the end of my cheating post for today- I hope you enjoyed the eye-candy!


Rebecca said...

I love the owl picture!

d.a.r. said...

Those last two are amazing!!

loquita said...

I love the silhouette of you on the beach - so pretty!