Saturday, August 23, 2008

restless contentment.

Can such a thing as restless contentment exist?

I'm content (for the most part) with my home and my job and my life here, but it's not complete. So I'm content, but really restless for the real contentment to begin.

Confession: He got out of the shower yesterday, and I could tell on the webcam because his hair was all shower mushy and well, he just looked cleaner (I don't know- I could just tell). I watched him sit down on his bed and I could smell what he smells like when he gets out of the shower. I could smell the shampoo and the soap and the damp boy smell...

I know that I wasn't actually smelling it. That it was my imagination combining with some strong memory and triggering an olfactory reaction. But if I closed my eyes and just smelled, it was almost like he was here...

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