Sunday, August 31, 2008

Santa Kitty...

ummm, yeah. It's been an interesting day.

I did let him out into the rest of the apartment- gradually- but he loves being an explorer, so he had a grand time.

He sat on the couch while I was working on some knitting...


(Notice the fireplace in the background that he is so studiously avoiding...)

I was knitting and letting him play explorer when I heard a strange noise- so I put down the knitting (after the end of the row, of course- it's lace!) and went to investigate. You have to understand that this apartment is rather circular, and Ranger Man and I actually walked in circles looking for each other a couple times when he was here. But after about five minutes worth of circling I was getting really confused- where was my cat? Finally I went back in the kitchen, which I didn't think had any hiding places. I was wrong.


Apparently we have to re-learn the "no kitchen counters" rule because this is a new house. sigh.

Then he decided that the fireplace would be fun to check out. Apparently I was not very brilliant and let him do this, but it never occurred to me not to- I mean, I haven't used the fireplace since it's been 90 degrees here every day... what's the harm? So Webster played Santa.


Luckily I had Ranger Man on the webcam and he mentioned something about sooty paws and I said "oh, crap." yeah. Webster's confined to the bathroom again. Dirty Boy!

IMG_0023 IMG_0024

That's him checking out the shower. So he's gotten a pseudo-bath, I've gotten a pseudo-bath, and he's still confined to the bathroom while I hope he dries off enough and stops licking himself enough that I can brush out the remaining soot.

What a Day!

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