Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the Virtues of the Webcam...

I am getting so spoiled during this TDY. Ranger Man is working normal hours (getting off at 6 every day? That's unheard of!), and he's staying in a room that has internet access.

This means that he and I can communicate via webcam rather than solely by email or phone. Holy moley does it make a difference to be able to see him! And, it's all voice-enabled too, so gone are the days of late night phone calls! yay!

But the true value of the webcam? It helps me sleep.

We all know that I'm a crazy insomniac that doesn't sleep worth a darn. I don't think before now Ranger Man had ever actually seen me sleep- he always falls asleep first and I am always waking him up in the morning when I have had enough of the trying to sleep bit, so I don't think he's ever actually seen me sleep.

But now... I think whoever invented the webcam should get some sort of award from the insomniac's guild or something because seriously- wow it helps so much!
I can do my thing, get ready for bed, and he's there. I can get into bed, lay down and relax and I don't have to do it by myself. He's there as I drift in and out and he will talk to me if I talk to him, but other than that he's just there, watching tv or something. It's very comforting and it's very centering. It's just enough that I have something to focus on so my mind doesn't race, and it's comforting to know that he's there (and awake!) in case I have a bad dream, but it's not stimulating enough to re-activate my mind, it just helps to slow everything down gradually.

So I'll do that for a while until I actually drift off for a while and then when I wake up I'll be groggy, say goodnight and turn off the light. It's amazing. I still don't sleep well, but it sure takes a lot of the dread out of the going to sleep part. And that is saying something. I love it!

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