Friday, August 22, 2008

Holding my breath

I hate that feeling... Something big and important is about to happen, something you really want and need to happen, but you can't do anything else to make it happen. All you can do is wait and hope that the people you're relying on come through for you.

I hate that feeling.

My mom took Webster to the vet today, to get his "this is a healthy cat, he can fly" certificate. My dad is supposed to do some slight modifications to his crate and then put him on a plane next weekend. All I can do (besides make the reservation tomorrow), is sit here and wait.

I really need that cat here- this gigantic empty apartment is creeping me out. There needs to be something else living and breathing and moving around inside of it.

Oh yeah- and my mom- she's flying to Florida tomorrow. Like, 6 hours away from me instead of, you know, across the county- but she doesn't want to see me. And she flaked on bringing Webster herself next month, which had previously been the plan. No wonder I'm nervous about relying on my parents.

On a happier, cuter note: here's some pictures of my lil man.


He's had that ratty old bed since he was a tiny kitten, but he loves it!


When he was younger and I was an undergrad... Study Break!

I miss him! All I can do is hold my breath and wait and hope that he makes it here.

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loquita said...

Aw, what a cutie! Get here soon Webster!